I love getting post, like, really love getting post! I even prefer doing my shopping online, mainly so that I know I’ll be getting some goodies in the next few days!

I think it goes back to being at boarding school. Our favourite time of day was at break time when the post (should) have been delivered and would be displayed for us to find anything with our names on. If you got a parcel, it was indeed a very good day! My family and friends would make sure that I had something to open nearly every day, and it was amazing. I couldn’t have cared less if all that was inside was a note reminding me to do something, or if it was filled with goodies, I just loved the excitement of opening up something! A bit like opening birthday cards everyday! And do you remember getting second post? Yet another chance for something to appear! I was gutted when they stopped that extra delivery.

The older I got, obviously the less post I got, but never fear! I’d sign up for brochures, university prospectuses (prospecti?), you name it, I got it. I even became proficient at complaining about faulty/less than perfect items and then getting something in the post back – replacements, refunds etc. It all came in the post!

As an adult, I obviously get less exciting post – bills, begging letters from charities, weird ‘sale’ letters from my car dealership. These don’t excite me too much, but I do always open them to check in case there’s something fantastic lurking in the envelope. There rarely ever is…

Due to the EDS, I don’t find it easy to go out and about any more, particularly shopping. I’ve never enjoyed shopping, particularly in the holidays or at the weekends when shops and malls are teeming with people. So when I can, I will order anything I need online. Not only can I look around and find exactly what I want without having to battle through everyone else, I can also shop whenever I want! Some say that it’s not great because you might have to wait for days, sometimes weeks for the items to arrive. But for me, that all adds to the excitement! I don’t know when it’s going to arrive, and a lot of the time I don’t remember buying it in the first place! That’s a plus for the memory loss!!

With all the fabric that I need to buy, I tend to buy a lot of it online. I’ve previously written about where I like to buy my fabric from, most of which are online. The range of fabrics that I can find online is much more substantial than I can find in any shops that are near to me. Especially when I need a large variety for a quilt that would mean physically going into at least 3 or 4 shops, a few clicks and it’s on its way! IMG_1389

In the photo, you can see the day’s post from a couple of weeks ago – all containing fabric. I couldn’t have been more excited with all of those parcels! Our lovely post lady is constantly coming to the door with armfuls of letters and packets. I imagine she really enjoys the rare days when we don’t have anything!

Now, I’m not crazy, I don’t get post like this everyday. This was full of fabric for the quilt I have just finished making. There may just have been a couple of other sewing things that I needed in there as well!

Christmas is even more crazy, most of my christmas shopping is done online, and that makes christmas last even longer for me! Maybe I should become a post lady – that would be amazing!

PS, As an aside, did you know that you can donate your used stamps to charity? It’s called the Used Stamps Appeal and it’s going on throughout hundreds of different charities across the country. It doesn’t matter what country they’re from or that they are on an envelope, just cut around them and send them on to your chosen charity. Obviously mine is EDS UK, and you can click that link to see where to send them if you want to join in with me.


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