Quilt Roadshow

Catching up on Antiques Roadshow on iplayer this arvo I was excited to see a quilt featured. Granted it was nowhere near as old as the one I went to see in the V&A two weeks ago, nor was it as beautiful as my ones (!!!!!) but it goes to show the investment value of quilts… So if you ever need an excuse to buy a quilt, just think in 99 years it’ll be an antique and worth a pretty penny. This one’s a bargain at £50!



100 likes on Facebook!!

This seems like a very self obsessed post, but I can’t believe how many likes I’ve had so quickly over on my Facebook page. I’m in awe at how many people seem to like my quilts, especially as it started as a hobby and what I thought of as a lovely gift for my goddaughter. What with not really knowing how to work a sewing machine I figured that by hand sewing it I could sew wherever I happened to be.

So I’m currently hidden underneath a pile of sewing – in particular a superking size quilt that I’m currently working on:


So thank you if anyone reading this has been or come from my Facebook page, and for those that haven’t then please pop over and have a look! www.facebook.com/quiltyassin

The world’s first Mills & Boon?

Today I tracked down one of Europe’s earliest known quilts from the 13th century. It is on display at the V&A. As you can see from the photo it is pretty impressive… I think I could learn a thing or two from the seamstresses of yore. It is thought that this enormous bed cover was made to celebrate a marriage between the Acciaiuoli and Guicciardini families. It depicts fourteen episodes of Tristan, a hero of medieval romance literature – evidently an early Mills & Boon! Image