I’m back and I have socks!

Oh no, my New Years Resolution seems to have failed miserably!

I’ve been awful at updating and writing posts. I won’t give too many excuses here, I’ll save that for my other blog (quiltyassineds.wordpress.com).

For now, look what I’ve been obssessed with recently – sock animals. It amazes me what can be made out of a pair of socks! Now, I’ve not been making these to sell, as I have used the patterns from a fantastic blog/website called Craft Passion, but I’ve been making them as gifts for small people, and they’ve been going down really well!

I started off with sock monkeys. In all honesty, I didn’t actually have a clue that there were any other anIMG_0758imals you could make with socks! I found this awesome tutorial, my first visit to Craft Passion, and found it so simple and easy to use, that I decided to make a family of 3! I’ve said before how I like to sew to relax and to keep my mind off pain, and this was perfect for that. It didn’t take so long that I got tired of it, and it wasn’t so quick that there was no point to it. I made 3 in a day, one being a little baby one, and loved every minute. Fortunately, the recipient also loved them!


I made a few more sock monkeys here and there, but since January I have been non-stop with quilts, so they sort of got pushed aside. But it’s a small person’s 2nd birthday next week, so I’ve made him this lion. He loves lions and is very good at roaring, so I’m hopingIMG_1051 that he likes this one. It only used one sock and I just love his mane! Again, the tutorial was incredibly easy to follow and it only took me a couple of hours (mainly making the mane secure) to finish it. I was contemplating making him a few more, but that’s probably unnecessary as I’ve also made him these to go with it.


It’s a felt alphabet with numbers 1-10 as well. I don’t think it’s ever too early to learn the alphabet, and I added in some extra letters so he can make words up too. They’re pretty sturdy and soft and fit perfectly in a small box so can be put away when not being used.




Anyway, back to socks. Now I’ve been introduced to this magical world, I just want more! Let me know if you’ve made any sock animals and what they were, I’m always looking for more!! This is what I’m going to make next: Sock Dragon!!sock-dragon-pattern


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