Move over socks, gloves are here!

I mentioned before in a previous post about how many sock animals I’ve been making, and there’s now more on that list. But now, there’s even more things that I can make as I have a new book – Happy Gloves! It’s a book about different things that you can make from gloves! Now, this is the perfect present from me, although I worry about how many gloves I will start hoarding, I don’t want to show you how many drawers oIMG_1518f new socks I have…!

So, I think this book is really cleverly made – the first half are the characters ready made up from the socks. It reads as a story, starting with the chipmunk who is narrating and then carries on with all the other characters. I particularly like the penguin “sitting on a block of ice”. I really like that they’ve done it this way, as it gives you a chance to properly look through and decide what looks good to make. After you’ve decided, it then tells you which page to go to, to find all of the instructions on how to make them.

IMG_1519As you can see from the photo, it then tells you how to make the penguin, with added diagrams to make it a bit easier.

I have yet to try any of these makes, I’ve been rather busy with quilts recently, but I can’t wait to give them a go!

When I do, I will definitely show you guys how I get on!


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