Organisation and Packaging

Ok, brace yourself, this could be a long one.

I love organising and one of my favourite things on Pinterest is organisational tips and tricks. Unfortunately, my natural messiness usually wins through and I’m often found leaving a trail of destruction behind me!

Since I started my Facebook page ( and began selling my quilts, IMG_1098I’ve become much better at keeping everything I need with some sort of structure. I hate it when I can’t find what I’m looking for, so this seemed like a must!

All fabric squares are kept in boxes depending on colour/type/pattern. I recently bought a 50’s/60’s sewing box so that I can keep all threads/needles etc that I use most often in one place. Luckily it holds a lot because it’s full! It’s (obviously) a mess inside, so I won’t show you in-depth quite yet, but I’m more than happy to do a post on that in the future if anyone would be interested?

IMG_1068Anyway, for this post I thought I would show you what I use for packaging up a finished quilt. I’ve got a quite good system for this now and a good process so I don’t miss anything out. I keep everything I need in the green basket (I’ve got loads ofIMG_1078 these dotted around so I can keep things relatively tidy), and some tissue paper and the postage box.

So, I’ll start off with this pot of Quilty as Sin name tapes. This is the last thing that I sew on to the quilt IMG_1099when it’s finished. I prefer these to the tags that could potentially be torn off or get a finger caught in. I also love the old-fashionedness (new word there) of name tapes, it reminds me of school.IMG_1115

The quilt is then completely finished, so I make sure that I’ve got all the paperwork that needs to go into the parcel with the quilt.

In the basket I’ve got some post-it notes in case I need to leave myself a note before I send off the final package – so maybe a reminder that I haven’t put something in yet, or it tells me what day it needs to be sent etc. Also there’s a receipt book for the customer’s receipt and some little note cards so I can add in a little note to say thank you or telling the recipient something about the quilt. All of these go into an envelope, so there’s always a pack of them in here.IMG_1117

Next up I’ve got an envelope containing a handful of my business cards. I’ve got a box of them, but they’d take up too much space, so I just keep this envelope topped up. There’s also some luggage tags that I can write washing instructions on, and a little box of safety pins. I also keep a couple of rolls of ribbon in there. They change quite regularly depending on what I like or have in stock at that moment. IMG_1118

I also keep a hole-punch in the basket so that I can put a hole in some business cards. These attach on to the luggage tags once they have all the instructions on, and then they’re pinned on to the corner of the quilt. I do keep a pen in the basket too, otherwise I end up searching high and low for one!

The quilt is then wrapped with tissue paper inside and I spray a small mist of some gardenia spray, mainly because I don’t like the smell of the postage boxes, so at least it gets to its new home smelling IMG_1116nicer than they may have otherwise! Once the quilt is folded, I tie it up with some ribbon to keep it secure on its travels, and then it can be put in the box. I keep a roll of parcel tape in there as well, as sometimes the parcel boxes aren’t as secure as I’d like. I don’t always use it, but it’s there if I do.

Then, it’s all parcelled up and ready to go! I send all my quilts via courier as I’ve found that way to be more reliable than using Royal Mail sadly. IMG_1112I can keep an eye on the tracking so I know that it gets there, and I can make sure that the recipient is also able to track it. I usually ask for a signature so it doesn’t go to the wrong place as well and the parcel is insured for the value of the contents if something did ever happen.

Anyway, that’s enough of my ramblings for one day! If you have any organising/storage tips, I’m all ears!


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