Where has my memory gone?!

So it’s been an absolute age since I last blogged, mainly due to illness, time and not thinking of anything in particular to blog about! I mentioned before about my memory (in a previous blog about lists) and how bad it has been. Well today I went for further memory tests and checks etc (I’ve been seeing a Clinical Psychologist to see if we can get to the bottom of why it has become quite so bad), and I’ve found it quite interesting from the results that have been found.

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Thumb Issues

So if you are a liker on my Facebook page, you’ll have seen me mention recently about issues that I’m having with my thumb. As I’ve waffled on lots of times before, I have EDS which means that my joints very easily sublux and dislocate. Up to now, I’ve mainly only had problems with my back and legs, although there have been other issues with my neck and shoulders, they haven’t caused as many problems as my legs have. Until now.

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