I mentioned in my earlier blog New Ideas that I was going to start giving some new thing a go. So I’ve made my first cushion! There are definitely a few things that need to be tweaked, I made the cushion cover slightly to small for the size cushion. A rooky mistake! As you can see from the photo, the IMG_0876back doesn’t quite meet – quite an important part!

I chose to make an envelope back cushion, with french seams which I made completely by hand. I used patchwork squares for the front, using a border of green squares around the edge. I recently made a woodland themed quilt for a giveaway winner on my Facebook page, so I took inspiration from that and continued it on with the cushion. I also used interface on the fabric to give it a thicker, more luxurious feel.

I love the cushion from the front, and I really liked how the french seams looked. I used a tutorial from Tilly and the Buttons which was really helpful and easy to follow, especially seeing as I wasn’t using a sewing machine. This type of seam is used to hide the raw edges of the fabric, and is a nice and tidy way of putting the whole cushion together. IMG_0863

Hand sewing it was a lot harder than I had expected. I know it’s much quicker to machine-sew, and probably gives a more professional look to it, but I’m pretty pleased with my hand-stitching – I hand-sew all of my quilts, and I find using a machine quite painful (especially when I have to un-pick the stitches afterI’ve gone wrong!).

For the next cushion – yup, I haven’t been put off – I think I’m going to use the same material for front and back rather than patchwork so that I can measure the pieces properly and hopefully the cushion can fit in properly!

Have you made anything new recently? I’d love to hear about/see it! Let me know in the comments.


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