The mystery of the disappearing chicken…

My family has a b&b in Dorset and we keep chickens, usually about 5 or 6 at a time. Sadly though, all but one of our brood had been stolen by the foxes, leaving just one (I liked to call her Margaret) all by herself. We didn’t want to make her feel left out by getting some more while she was still there as last time we did that, the lone hen got picked on by the others. They had been battery hens, so seeing her newly grown feathers being plucked out by bullying hens was really sad! So we kept her, thinking that she wouldn’t last too much longer.

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Cross Sitch Lover

If you’re on Instagram and have spotted me on there (@Quilty_as_sin) you may have seen that I’m not just a fan of sewing patchwork quilts, but I also love cross stitch. It’s quite a recent love after I was given a subscription to a cross stitch magazine and I learnt what to do. I was hooked and it really helps me take my mind off things, especially if I’m having a bad day pain wise, or I’m finding a quilt particularly tricky. I usually do a small cross stitch project in between quilts so that I don’t lose Continue reading

Weighted Blankets

I’d never heard of weighted blankets, or weighted anything for that matter, until the lovely Mandy from Handmade by Mandy on Facebook messaged me a few months ago. She mentioned that she’d bought a weighted blanket a while ago but had really struggled with finding one that looked as good as it (hopefully) worked. She suggested that I look into them and see if I could incorporate the weight into some of my quilts. It sounded like a fab idea, but I definitely needed to look into it further so that I knew I would be able to make them properly.

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