Organisation and Packaging

Ok, brace yourself, this could be a long one.

I love organising and one of my favourite things on Pinterest is organisational tips and tricks. Unfortunately, my natural messiness usually wins through and I’m often found leaving a trail of destruction behind me!

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Today I donated a quilt to an auction of promises in November, which is raising money for a little girl in my town with a rare form of cancer called retinoblastoma.

Whilst charities such as Oxfam, Save the Children, Cancer Research et al all do fantastic work, supporting a local cause at the coal face, making a tangible difference can be far more rewarding. This is why I also volunteer for Childline, going round schools educating young people about the resources available to them and what constitutes abuse.

Money is what makes the world go round but your time and talents can often be more valuable.

If you too would like to make a difference and have something you could donate please contact Jason Williamson on Facebook or me and I can put you in touch. Or if you want to try your hand at volunteering contact Volunteering England.

Hobbyists are happiest

Did you know that according to research people with at least one hobby are among the happiest in the UK. Keeping busy with something you love doing raises your endorphin levels. Sadly less than thirty per cent of us have cottoned on to this fact, making us a miserable bunch!!! Sew (sic) what are you waiting for pick up your cross stitch, dust off your philately album, retune your piano and get hobbying!

Sewing to music?

Sewing to music is a well known stress buster. Here are some of my favourite #sewingsongs:

Sew Macho – Sinita
Love in the first degree – cos I’m quilty, quilty as a girl can be – Bananarama
Sewing the seeds of love – Tears for Fears
Not quilty – George Harrison
Quilty – Blue
Pins of the father – Black Sabbath

What are your favourite #sewingsings? Tweet them now!

Quilt Roadshow

Catching up on Antiques Roadshow on iplayer this arvo I was excited to see a quilt featured. Granted it was nowhere near as old as the one I went to see in the V&A two weeks ago, nor was it as beautiful as my ones (!!!!!) but it goes to show the investment value of quilts… So if you ever need an excuse to buy a quilt, just think in 99 years it’ll be an antique and worth a pretty penny. This one’s a bargain at £50!