I mentioned in my earlier blog New Ideas that I was going to start giving some new thing a go. So I’ve made my first cushion! There are definitely a few things that need to be tweaked, I made the cushion cover slightly to small for the size cushion. A rooky mistake! As you can see from the photo, the IMG_0876back doesn’t quite meet – quite an important part!

I chose to make an envelope back cushion, with french seams which I made completely by hand. I used patchwork squares for the front, using a border of green squares around the edge. I recently made a woodland themed quilt for a giveaway winner on my Facebook page, so I took inspiration from that and continued it on with the cushion. I also used interface on the fabric to give it a thicker, more luxurious feel.

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How I applique a patchwork bee

I recently posted a photo of a bumble bee quilt that I’d made for someone on my Facebook page (Quilty as Sin). In the centre of the quilt was a bee that I had appliqued on to some fabric and then patchworked it into the rest of the quilt. A few people asked me to explain how I did it, so while I was making a new quilt, I took photos as I went through the different stages and hopefully I’ll be able to explain properly how I made it.

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Sewing to music?

Sewing to music is a well known stress buster. Here are some of my favourite #sewingsongs:

Sew Macho – Sinita
Love in the first degree – cos I’m quilty, quilty as a girl can be – Bananarama
Sewing the seeds of love – Tears for Fears
Not quilty – George Harrison
Quilty – Blue
Pins of the father – Black Sabbath

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What I’m currently making…

At the moment I’m working on a superking sized quilt, which had proved to take a lot longer than I’d anticipated! But I’m finally at the wadding stage, but I’ve found nowhere in the house large enough to get it straight and properly flat to be ready for quilting. So I’ve taken over a superking bed and will be finishing the rest of the quilt right here.


This has definitely been a labour of love, but so far I’m really pleased with it. I just hope the end product will please it’s owner just as much!