Move over socks, gloves are here!

I mentioned before in a previous post about how many sock animals I’ve been making, and there’s now more on that list. But now, there’s even more things that I can make as I have a new book – Happy Gloves! It’s a book about different things that you can make from gloves! Now, this is the perfect present from me, although I worry about how many gloves I will start hoarding, I don’t want to show you how many drawers oIMG_1518f new socks I have…!

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I’m back and I have socks!

Oh no, my New Years Resolution seems to have failed miserably!

I’ve been awful at updating and writing posts. I won’t give too many excuses here, I’ll save that for my other blog (

For now, look what I’ve been obssessed with recently – sock animals. It amazes me what can be made out of a pair of socks! Now, I’ve not been making these to sell, as I have used the patterns from a fantastic blog/website called Craft Passion, but I’ve been making them as gifts for small people, and they’ve been going down really well!

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The world’s first Mills & Boon?

Today I tracked down one of Europe’s earliest known quilts from the 13th century. It is on display at the V&A. As you can see from the photo it is pretty impressive… I think I could learn a thing or two from the seamstresses of yore. It is thought that this enormous bed cover was made to celebrate a marriage between the Acciaiuoli and Guicciardini families. It depicts fourteen episodes of Tristan, a hero of medieval romance literature – evidently an early Mills & Boon! Image