Cross Sitch Lover

If you’re on Instagram and have spotted me on there (@Quilty_as_sin) you may have seen that I’m not just a fan of sewing patchwork quilts, but I also love cross stitch. It’s quite a recent love after I was given a subscription to a cross stitch magazine and I learnt what to do. I was hooked and it really helps me take my mind off things, especially if I’m having a bad day pain wise, or I’m finding a quilt particularly tricky. I usually do a small cross stitch project in between quilts so that I don’t lose interest in either craft. The only thing I don’t like so much is the mess that I seem to create all around me with different coloured threads and a pattern and whatever else I’ve found that is ‘essential’. I don’t seem to be able to do things neatly and am usually surrounded by chaos!


Not only do I like doing cross stitch, but I also like seeing other people’s creations. One of my favourite people, Katycoo is also on Instagram (@katycoo_) as well as Twitter (@katycoo) and she cross stitches song lyrics. They’re always beautiful and ingeniously made and best of all you can buy them! She has an etsy shop, just click this link and shop to your hearts content.

If you have anyone to recommend to me, leave me a comment as I always love finding new people’s work to see!


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